Our Story

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Do you know the feeling of reaching into your pocket and discover your phone or wallet missing? The panic, the fear, the frustration… it sucks, we know! Like many of you, we were once victims of pickpockets.

My phone were stolen in a crowded place in Gothenburg, and after tracking the pickpockets down with GPS and arriving with two police cars, we couldn’t do anything. The police had no power once they went into their apartment. I found only Bluetooth and GPS solutions on the market, and they proved to be almost useless. I rose from the frustration and despair and decided to make a product that truly protects our valuables from pickpockets, before they’re even stolen.

That’s when C-Safe™ Pocket Lock was born, and now we want to share this with the world.

You can finally enjoy the important moments in life without worrying about losing your valuables!

Our Company

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Lumeo Technology is an international company with offices in both Sweden and China. In both locations, the company is currently backed by one of the top incubators in the country respectively.

Our Vision

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C-Safe™ Pocket Lock is the first step in our vision to make the world a little bit safer. Lumeo Technology has more products and services in the pipeline to give more security, power, and control to the consumers. There are moments in life where you feel helpless, and we at Lumeo Technology hope to reduce those moments.

Our Mission

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With C-Safe™ Pocket Lock we want to make pickpockets and accidental phone drops a thing of the past.