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What is LOOP Attachment System™?

LOOP is the new way of attaching items, wearables, sensors and IoT. It operates in modules with specially designed MicroThreads that loops around the fibers of a fabric and create a non-permanent seam without any preinstallations and without harming the fabric.

Is LumeoLock fully mechanical?

Yes, LumeoLock is fully mechanical with no batteries, which eliminates the need to charge.

Where do you ship?

It’s world wide shipping.

When will you start shipping?

We will start shipping LumeoLock in October 2019.

What does ``Risk-Free, Refundable`` mean?

It means that you are covered by international consumer protection laws and we offer you the right to FULL REFUND if we do not deliver on time as promised for the orders placed during the Launch Campaign. It’s a risk-free preorder with money-back guarantee, unlike crowdfunding!

Is LumeoLock washable?

Don’t worry if you accidentally wash LumeoLock. It’s fully waterproof.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes, of course. Please contact us directly for more information.
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