No worries! Because of the unlocking mechanism you will notice if ze tries to take your phone. It might be even better if they know that you have C-Safe™, and will choose another easier victim to steal from instead!

No, it does not require any electricity 😀 yay no charging!

Yes! Since C-Safe™ does not have any electrical components, it will even survive your washing machine.

Absolutely not an alarm! C-Safe™ can prevent your valuables from leaving your pocket at all, while alarms will only warn you.

C-Safe™ is made with polycarbonate, a material that’s 2x stronger than ABS(think LEGO blocks).

Of course not! C-Safe™ is very thin and you usually won’t even see that someone’s wearing C-Safe™ in their pockets. Since C-Safe™ can be installed between the outer fabric and inner lining of your pants, you will not even be in contact with C-Safe™.

We do not offer refunds.
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