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The innovative C-Safe™ Pocket Lock protects your phone by locking it to your pocket or bag while letting you take it out with ease any time you want. With C-Safe™ it is not about finding what you’ve lost, it’s about not losing your valuables in the first place. It allows you to lead a worry-free life. The concept is explained in three simple steps:


The C-Safe™ Pocket Lock works by clamping to the fabric of your pocket or bag. And sticking the signature mount to the back of your phone.


The locking process occurs automatically by putting down your phone in your pocket or bag where your phone is locked for maximum security.


Once secured, the phone can be unlocked by simply pushing downwards or at the angle set by the user for optimal ease of use.

Our C-Safe™ Pocket Lock is the world’s first patented mechanical lock that
secures your phone and wallet inside of pockets and bags. On the outside, it might look simple, but inside there are almost 30 components running like clockwork. It is a product of Swedish engineering and has obtained CE marking. The product is highly durable, uses no electricity and is also fully waterproof.

The Problem

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As we are entering an increasingly connected and cashless society, the smartphone plays a central role in our daily life. A survey done by TIME Magazine shows that 83% of people couldn’t survive a day without their smartphone. At the same time, the yearly value of lost and stolen phones worldwide amounts to 2.6* Billion USD according to Lookout Mobile Security. As a result of smartphones are getting more expensive, fragile, and important the need to protect them has never been greater!

*According to studies by Lookout and IDG Research (2011)

** Statistics for 2016 from Brottsförebyggande rådet (brå.se)



Existing Bluetooth and GPS solutions might give you a small chance to get your phone back once it’s been lost, but they are ineffective and sometimes even dangerous as you would have to pursue criminals. In fact, around 50% of phone theft victims would pay $500 to get their beloved devices back.
Unfortunately, only 1%** of all victims ever get their valuables back. And so far, no product on the market can actually prevent your personal valuables from being stolen or dropped in the first place.

Product Overview

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C-Safe™ Pocket Lock is a patented world’s first mechanical lock that physically protect your phone from pickpockets or dropping it.
C-Safe™ Pocket Lock connects automatically to the pocket when you put it in, and stays locked. To unlock, simply press your phone downwards firmly.
The sleek design offers besides a minimalistic look and feel, also the possibility to enjoy daily usage without uncomfortableness.

C-Safe™ Pocket Lock is sleek and simple on the outside, but at its core, it consists of over 20 components which work together in perfect harmony, just like a premium Swiss clockwork, dedicated to keeping your phone safe.

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